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Why Dealer Network ?


Need an accessory, part, or supply that is out of stock or obsolete?
Chances are someone out there has one they don’t need.
Have a service issue that you are having trouble resolving?
Another technician may have the solution.
Have you ever been beat out on a sale because the competition sold your prospect on a feature that you don’t have?
Maybe someone else has sold around that feature. What features have you used on our products to beat the competition?

Dealer Network is the new place to post your questions.

After having a conversation with a colleague in search of accessories that were no longer available from the manufacturer, we decided he should send some emails to see if he could locate what he needed. He found everyone to be very receptive and willing to help. That is when we decided there was a need for a message board devoted to Kyocera Mita and Royal Copystar dealers.

Yes, there are other message boards out there. What differentiates Dealer Network from the others is that Dealer Network is devoted solely to our products. Other message boards are for multiple brands and products. They can be difficult to navigate and take too long to weed through, and it isn’t worth the time it takes.

Dealer Network is intended as a resource for authorized dealers to effectively communicate with each other by sharing ideas, selling strategies, exchanging inventory, posting service questions, and whatever would be beneficial to dealers to assist profitability and help promote our products and services. Dealer Network will evolve over time, and through the use of the search tool, can come to be a valuable database of information.

This site is in no way approved by or endorsed by Kyocera Mita.




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